Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

Our knives, based on the same crafting principles as the Katana (samurai swords), are the finest on the planet. We’re here to honor the longstanding traditions that these precious blades stem from, bringing them to the enthusiastic cook at an affordable price point.

Meet Your New
Kitchen Essentials

Our handcrafted blades make cooking a joy and put centuries of rich history into the palm of your hand.

8" Chef's Knife

8" Chef's Knife

Considered the workhorse of any high-level kitchen, the chef knife exudes class and practicality, wrapped in an aesthetic bow. Its beautiful broad blade makes cutting a breeze, and is a staple in every kitchen for slicing and dicing all manner of veg and meats.

Magnetic Knife Stand

Magnetic Knife Stand

There are powerful recessed magnetic bars within the knife board that keep knives in place and the angled design allows it to sit flush on any countertop.   Made from Acacia Wood.

£139 £79
7" Santoku Knife

7" Santoku Knife

This stunning general-purpose blade steals the show with its elegant design, durability, and ease of use. Perfect for precision tasks in the kitchen, boasting a masterful ability to slice, dice, and mince your way to mouthwatering meals.

5" Utility Knife

5" Utility Knife

The Utility Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife and generally the entry level blade for the beginning cooking enthusiast. It is lighter and smaller than the chef or santoku offering more control for the less experienced chef.

Wooden Knife Sheath

Wooden Knife Sheath

These wooden sheaths are great for protecting the sharp edges and minimizes damages on the blade.

Sharpening Whetstone 1000/6000

Sharpening Whetstone 1000/6000

The stone comes with two grit variations: The coarser 1000-grit side gets your dull blade sharp as original quickly; while the 6000-grit polishes and smooths the sharpened knife, finishing the sharpening process. The base is made from bamboo and padded with rubber, keeping it in place.


One Slice Can
Change Your Life

Our story began by chance, after stumbling upon a humble chef’s knife while traveling through Japan. After bringing it back to New Jersey, one slice was all it took to realize that there are levels to cooking, and those who get the most enjoyment from it use the best equipment.

The difference in efficiency and precision was night and day. Fast forward to today and we’re frontrunning the positive shift in cooking standards with unparalleled handcrafted blades.

Are you ready to fall in love with cooking again? It all starts with a slice.

What are People Saying?

These are fantastic beautiful knives

These are fantastic beautiful knives at a very reasonable price. Great balance in the hand and sharp as hell. I highly reccomend these knives

Jay T. (Templeton, CA)
Birthday Gift

I purchased the four piece Knives Et Cetera set along with the wood stand for my wife’s birthday. She loved it. Beautiful design in the blades. It’s balanced very well and they are very sharp. Would definitely recommend.

Todd L.L. (Sacramento, CA)
I love it

It’s a beautiful and sharp knife! The design on the blade is beautiful and appears to be made by laser instead of layering steel. The wood handle is gorgeous and sturdy. Great customer service too!

Kevin F. (Martinez, CA)


Laura E. (Las Vegas, NV)
Great knife so far

Great knife so far

Paul S. (Visalia, CA)

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