5" Damascus Steak Knife 5" Damascus Steak Knife 5" Damascus Steak Knife 5" Damascus Steak Knife 5" Damascus Steak Knife

    5" Damascus Steak Knife

    £59 £49 after the 17% discount

    The 5" Damascus steak knife is the ideal product for carving right through steaks, chops and other hard to cut meats.

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    Why Choose Our Knives?

    1. A Cut Above
      To put it simply, our knives are unmatched in quality, efficiency, and usability. From the sharper bevels that keep their edge to the lifetime of use thanks to their durability.

      A Work of Art
      More than a blade, a handcrafted knife is a living artwork. Crafted with supreme attention to detail and forged with generations of passion, nothing cuts quite like it. Your guests will be complimenting it more than your wall art.

      A Tool for Life
      Most common knives we use in the west quickly become blunt. And make slicing and dicing an experience to dread. Our top-tier blades not only stays razor-sharp but has the durability to last a lifetime.

    Product Specifications

    1. Premium Damascus Steel
      Our knives are made with high carbon Damascus steel, offering a great balance of sharp edge retention and durability, with 60% more carbon content than other “premium” knives. Precision forged using the traditional hot-drop method, tempered to the perfect hardness (60±2 Rockwell).

      15° Blade Angle
      While most Western-style knives have edge angles of 25 degrees, we use more acute 15 degree angles for a noticeably sharper cutting face.

    2. 5" Damascus Steak Knife Blueprint

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Peter B. (Malmesbury, England, United Kingdom)
    Excellent, every body liked them

    Beautifully presented, very well made and pleasant to use. Something that will last a life time. The finish is excellent and the steel holds it’s edge. A genuine real classic. I bought more and will probably buy the whole collection.

    Edwin S. (Geneseo, New York, United States)
    You won’t know how bad your knives really are until you try these!

    We bought the set of six steak knives as a gift for Dad. He’s always appreciated a sharp knife and has fifty years experience sharpening his own. The sharpness of these out of the box earned his immediate respect. And they’re beautiful. We’ll be buying more from the collection!

    Alexis H. (Louisville, Kentucky, United States)

    Very nice and extremely sharp!!

    Tracy E. (Katy, Texas, United States)
    Great knifes

    Supper sharp worth the price!

    Joe R. (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
    5" steak knife

    Quality! Perfect little knife for not just cutting a steak but certain fruits and vegetables.
    Will be ordering more of the set.